Throughout New Zealand hundreds of schools and early childhood centres are diverting tonnes of waste from landfill, planting thousands of native trees and taking action to use energy and water efficiently.  Many of these schools and centres are part of the large and growing Enviroschools network.

Toimata Foundation (previously The Enviroschools Foundation) developed the Measuring Change web-tool to support schools and centres to measure and track the physical environmental outcomes from their actions.   This data can also be collated to help us all to understand the difference that the Enviroschools network is making towards creating sustainable communities and a more sustainable New Zealand.

If you are part of the Enviroschools network, your Enviroschools Facilitator can help you to integrate Measuring Change into your Enviroschools journey and support you to carry out the audits.

If your school or centre is working independently or with another programme provider, you can still use the Measuring Change tool.   The site has been designed to have all the resources you will need to measure the changes that you are making.