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Audit Tools

This section contains the resources you will need to guide you through the data collection process for Zero Waste, Energy!, Living Landscapes and Water of Life.

To help you gain a better understanding of the theme area you will be measuring complete the Pre-audit supporting activities with your class, school or Measuring Change team. If you are an Enviroschool you can access more activities through the Theme Area section in your Enviroschools Kit that will help you to Identify the Current Situation.

Using the tabs on the left you can download the following resources for each theme area:

1. Teacher Support Activities which are made up of

  • Pre-audit activities that support the actual audit and help answer the questions ‘What do you know now? and What can you observe? (‘Identify the current situation’ the first part on the Enviroschools Action Learning Cycle.)
  • Post-audit activities to help students and teachers to critically look at the audit results and explore alternatives before deciding on action.
2. Instructions and Data Collection Sheets to guide you through the audit process. Use these step-by-step tools to make sure you follow the same standardised process as other schools and centres using Measuirng Change.

3. The Audit Summary Sheet where you record the results of your measurements. This is the information that you will submit online and from which your progress report will be generated.