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Water of Life

Knowing how much water your school or centre uses is a crucial first step in knowing how sustainable your water use is. Collecting water supply data will help you work out if you are a high water use school/ centre and highlight wheer you could take action to reduce water use. 

What data will we collect?

  • Information on the amount and cost of school water use. At some schools water isn't charged for and you won't have accounts for water use. You may also use rainwater tank supply. In both these instances you will need to have water meters installed. 
  • How efficient the water appliances are at your school or cente. 

How much time will it take?

If you have school water accounts you may decide to collect all of your Water of Life data on one day of the year, or you may prefer to collate this data once a term. If you need to monitor the water meters on your rainwater tanks and reticulated supply you may need to set up a system to do this once a month. 

A small team should be enough to go through your water records for the year and transfer the information onto the Water Audit Summary. Likewise a small team could be in charge of monitoring the water meters. You will also need a team to carry out the water efficiency audit, which only needs to be done once a year.

Resources to download:

  1. Teacher Support Activities - Water to provide a context for the audit.
  2. Instructions and Data Collection Sheets - Water to guide you through the audit process.
  3. Water Audit Summary Sheet to record your overall results.

You will also need:

  • To talk to your administration staff and arrange a time to look through water supply records showing consumption and cost.
  • To check that you have a water meter installed on your rain water tanks and on you reticulated water supply if you aren't charged for water.
  • Volume of a Cylinder formula (V= ?r2 h) to calculate size of rainwater tanks.
  • Dye for a leaking toilet cistern test and a bucket and stopwatch.

A note on uploading data to Measuring Change 

At this stage the upload data and reporting functions are not up and running for Water of Life, so for now keep your Water Audit Summary in a safe place so that you can track the changes when you repeat the audit in another year.