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Get Started

The first step is to register your school or early childhood centre using the tab on the left.   This site uses your Ministry of Education number as a user ID so you will need to have this to register.

Once you are a registered user you will be able to log in and access the whole measuring change site, including the sections to Upload Data and to View Data in the form of reports.

It is up to each school or centre to decide which areas to start measuring first. (Please note the Zero Waste section is the only area you can add data to at the moment).

It is a good idea to collect data for all of the theme areas - Zero Waste, Energy!, Living Landscapes and Water of Life - whether action is happening or not. That way you will have a baseline from which to measure progress and change.   The data you collect will also give you information that will help to guide decision-making and inform further environmental actions.

First steps to get started:

  • Talk to your Enviroschools Facilitator to help work out the process
  • See who in the school/centre is keen to be involved and who will be responsible for taking the lead role Teachers, the caretaker, administration staff, the principal, the envirogroup, parent committee and other students may all have a role to play in Measuring Change.
  • Arrange a planning meeting to work out what is achievable in the first year.  Some things you might decide at your planning meeting are:
    • Theme area/s to measure
    • Pre-audit activities you could complete to help students and teachers to learn more about the theme and understand the auditing process better
    • Dates for completing activities and collecting the data